Island Automotion

Island Automotion rebuilds the famous SU (Skinner's Union) carburetors found on so many favourite classic cars, including the MG series like the MGA and MGB and MGC, and Triumphs like the TR-4 and Spitfire. Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and the more esoteric makes like Alvis also used this quintessentially British carburetor. Manufacturers like Volvo used SU carbs for years, and no 122S model can sound or perform correctly without a pair of HS6's on it. We overhaul, rebuild, refurbish, restore, repair – call it what you will – the great SU carburetor.

In the 1960's the Zenith Stromberg carburetor was developed, in two basic sizes, the CD150 and the CD175. These carbs were designed with the same principles in mind, but they were achieved with a slightly different execution. Of course in the early days of the SU carburetor, George and Carl Skinner used a leather bellows which deflected upwards with increasing airflow and decreasing pressure, and it could be argued that this design preceded the hydrin diaphragm of the Stromberg by many years. We rebuild and service the Stromberg carburetor as well, to the same high standards as an SU.

Italian Made Spring Clamps

On most SU’s the fuel pipes are 1⁄4 inch outside diameter, and that's just too small for the screw type clamps with perforated bands. The hose oozes through the perforations, they need constant tightening, damage the hose, can distort the pipe, and are tough to remove. We now have a supplier of the Italian made spring clamps appropriate to the hose used on SU and Stromberg carbs. They install with a pair of pliers, provide a constant gentle clamping force, slide back easily to allow quick removal of the hose, and look great.

Three of them are included with any carb rebuild pair that uses hose connections and more are available at very little cost.



  • new SU original equipment gaskets, seals, jets, and float valves
  • new throttle shafts and throttle plates
  • new original specification fuel needles for your application as needed
  • glass bead blasting of all components
  • accurate preliminary adjustments to allow easy installation and starting
  • tuning instructions written in an easy to follow format
  • repair of worn throttle shaft bores using modern Teflon coated bushings
Stromberg 175 CD Carburetor

Zenith Stromberg CD Carburetors

We can now offer all parts for, and rebuilding of, Zenith Stromberg CD carburetors. All components for these carbs are now available, from the original manufacturer. If you are looking for those hard to find needle height adjusting tools, we can supply those too. Call or write for more information on your particular application.

Healy BJ8 SU HD8

Additional Services

  • gold or silver cadmium plating of ferrous parts for extended corrosion protection
  • custom fuel needle selection for modified engines — simply tell us your modifications, and we will suggest and supply the appropriate fuel needle(s).
  • replacement SU slotted screws for that factory new appearance
  • polishing of dashpots (vacuum chambers)